Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The sewing machine is merrily humming along.  Last night I stitched away till 1:00 a.m.  Joe was up till 2:00 a.m.  There were no turf wars!

This is the maxi skirt that I stitched up last night. 
 The fabric is blue echinacea rayon by Anna Maria Horner from Dabble & Stitch.  I started by pulling a thread to straighten the fabric.
Then I removed the selvages, along with about one more inch of fabric vertically, in order to form full daisies when stitching the seam.

My tip for matching is to line up the fabric design.  Carefully iron one side over where the seam will be stitched.  Finally, I baste the seam together along the ironed line to insure that I'm satisfied with the match. 
The top of the fabric was folded down a 1/4 of an inch and then again at one and a 1/4 inch.  Stitch the elastic casing down close to both folded edges, leaving an opening for the elastic.  Stitching around the top edge will keep the elastic from rolling.  The elastic was threaded through the opening with a safety pin, stitched securely together, and then the opening was stitched down.  To complete the skirt I turned under the slit and hemline twice, basted the edges in place, followed by stitching by machine.  EASY! DONE!

This afternoon I made a short skirt using the very provocative Blend Riding Hood by Josephine Kimberling.  I love the finished skirt, but am unsure if I will wear it out in public or just save it for Halloween.  GRIN!   There's a wolf on my arse!

I had both sheepish & devilish smiles on my face while constructing the skirt.

Dabble & Stitch information:
I also exercised my plastic at Sew to Speak.  Equal opportunity!

There was blue, gold, brown, & lace fabric that hitched a ride home with me.  I'm planning to make another Grainline Alder Shirt Dress and Linden Sweatshirt along with a Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns.

Yesterday, Sew Dayton notified me that they were restocked with new fabric.  I purchased some thick grey heather sweatshirt fabric.  I'm thinking another Grainline Linden sweatshirt, possibly embellished with my grandma's antique buttons or lace.  I'm singing Stevie Nicks, Leather & Lace.

Thanks for dropping in.  What's on your to do list?

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Van Gough painted Sunflowers as a symbol of happiness - seven times.

Here is my happiness.  Thanks Joshua!
I've been making out with my sewing machine, since Idle Minds are a Dangerous Thing.  Finding a distraction with a needle and thread once again to create happiness is not a dangerous thing.

Friday's creation is a Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns.
I hope your week brings creative happiness!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Recently, my brother-in-law, who has affectionately been nicknamed the psychopath, joined my twin sister and I on the bike trail.  It was a short, but hysterically fun ride.......;)  Don't drink and ride!  We had a fun time at The Yellow Springs Brewery, which resides right along the bike trail.  I am NOT a beer drinker!  I could not even finish consuming my Anniversary II Belgian Tripel.  The reason, which I later discovered, was that this beer has an 8.5% ABV.  I truthfully admit that I am a one and done cheap date girl.  I could barely walk my bike to a point that they could pick me up.  BUT, I had fun!
Jim finishing my beer.
Joshua & Kelli
Joshua's fiance, Kelli, graduated from The University of Dayton on the 3rd of May.  They met at The University of Dayton Flyer Marching Band Camp in August of 2010.  It was the start of  Joshua's senior year and Kelli was an incoming freshman.  In a few more weeks, there will be wedding bells on Cape Cod, along with our 30th wedding anniversary, and my parents 60th.
I'm planning to participate in the My Small World Quilt-Along.  More information is located at the link below, if you would like to join in on the fun.
The Jen Kingwell pattern is presented in Quiltmania - Spring Edition 2015.  The fabric is a far cry from my usual reproduction fabrics that I work with.  Therefore, some "SEX" is going on.  No, no, no!  Stash Enhancement Excursion!  I noticed Amanda carrying in some remnants, when I arrived at "The Shack."  I gathered some of them up.  As you can see from the picture, a few of them are just three inch strips.  Perfect for the small pieces in this quilt.  The small Moda Candy squares are perfect too.
 Bill Volckening's book, New York Beauty, Quilts From the Volckening Collection, was also aquired at The Fabric Shack, in Waynesville.  I asked Jenny if she could order it.  Her response, "I have one copy...Please buy it!"  I see a New York Beauty in my stitching future.  A little history about New York Beauties.  The pattern originated in the Southeast.  The name was derived from "Lady Liberty's" crown points, which are an integral part of the pattern.
 Last Thursday, Colleen and I visited Deb in Columbus.
Deb pampered us with wedding soup and sandwiches, whilst we stitched away.

Afterwards, we made a stop at Sew 2 Speak.  I have caught the sewist bug.! I'm doing the "Me Made" thing this spring, for the first time in 27 years.  Not since making maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Joshua, has this happened.  AGAIN, I'm having FUN!  Drunk on fabric!  At Sew 2 Speak, I picked up a few more Indie patterns, fabric, elastic tape, and tracing paper.  My 27 year old tracing paper was full of more holes than not.
Finally, this is a little something-something that I stitched up this morning.  I am hooked on Grainline Studio patterns!  This is the Linden Sweatshirt.  I will make both the sweatshirt and Alder Shirtdress again.

Have a great week and let's hear about what mischief you've been up to!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm Still Here!

Dear Jane friends, who I hadn't even realized were reading this blog, approached me and asked what was up.  You all seem to think that I have this amazing, crazy, adventurous life to follow!  I thought I was in a normal mid-life crisis....  I do what I do, or I would go insane.  I have survived the past 30 years, by doing whatever was necessary to occupy my mind, while enduring continuous separations.  I think nothing of going off on a lone adventure.   Therapy has included stitching, exercising, traveling, educating or fighting for a cause to the nth degree.  The therapy ebbs and flows in various genres.

Some of you know that I recently traveled to The University of Nebraska - Lincoln to attend a quilt symposium and meet with the chair of the textile department. We were allowed the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes, into the storage vaults to view quilt collections, and learn how they're cared for.
Pictured above is my favorite, a masterpiece soldier's wool mosaic stars quilt.
IQSC Object Number: 2009.039.0062
More information can be found at the following link. 

The opportunity to sit down with Michael James, Chair of the Textiles Program, was invaluable.  He provided sage advice for my future endeavors and a very long reading list.  

With a provisional YES, provided that I take a few history and art courses, I'm now in a state of my crazy, tortured, confused, beautiful mind.  I finally got the answer I fought so hard for and now I am taking a moment to pause and reflect.  If you have seen the movie, Into the Woods, I'm feeling a bit like Cinderella when she leaves the ball on the third night.  Am I capable of making rational decisions?

Why was I so hell bent on getting into the Quilt History and Textile Masters Degree Program?  I had a phenomenal first day at the symposium.  I was loving every single minute.  On the second day, it occurred to me that I didn't exactly agree with some of the lecturers' theories.  Their thoughts were contradicting what I had previously learned or discovered.  I found this a bit discomforting.  It's generally not my nature to challenge others' opinions or actions, unless of course you're driving 30mph in a 55mph zone or a "social loafer" college student!  It's my Make Love Not War mentality or why can't everybody just go back to Kindergarten and learn how to play well in the sandbox.  INTROVERT!  My friend, Colleen, informed me that it all comes down to "fakelore" - look how quilts and the Underground Railroad were a complete myth.

While I'm still reflecting, I will take a few more classes.  After all, one motto that I have stressed is, NEVER STOP LEARNING.  Throughout the process, one thing continued to plague my mind.  I needed to prove that I was good enough, smart enough, capable and worthy.  I know deep down that I am!  I don't need to prove that fact to anyone but myself.

Last Saturday, I stepped back to the roots of my stitching love, sewing my own clothes.  In grade school, I had a creative outlet in designing my own clothes.  I even won state and national contests.
Home Economics!
Here's what I stitched together.
Grainline Studio - Alder Shirt Dress
My impetuous nature went and deleted everything here, without giving a moment to pause and reflect.  I sincerely regret that I destroyed a personal part of my history.  The decision to continue to blog here or move on to another address has not yet been made.

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a glorious week and thanks for being a part of my crazy insane world!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


If anyone knows how to solve "Delivery Failure", please enlighten me.  This happens on both ends, both sending and receiving comments.  The comments show up perfectly fine on a blog, but the message fails in delivery to an email account.


I love all of my blogging friends.  The inability to give and receive comments has discouraged me from continuing to blog.

My best guess is that my yahoo account is incompatible to Google???  I tried changing the email account to gmail and still have the same issue.
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