Friday, September 4, 2015


Where did the time go.  Tom, Tricia, & I enjoyed are morning walks on the beach.

It's hard to believe that we're into September already.  School time again.  NO, NO, No!  I want more time to play.......Today, I was feeling sorry for myself because I wanted to go to Roderick Kiracofe's lecture at The University of Nebraska.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes suck stink, as far as weekend getaways are concerned.  But I have a very fascinating women's history instructor.  Will I cut classes in November to attend a retreat?  One week down and 15 more to go.  But who's counting?  ME!

TGIF, since I need a serious attitude adjustment.  With a new focus, I'm slipping back into self-doubt and comparing myself to some seriously amazing students in my classes.  Their research topics are so far out of my league.  They're discussing pharaohs and theologians, which this disillusioned Catholic is completely ignorant of.  Um, I'm going to pick a war conflict and argue about the economic value of women and then try to tie in quilt making in some roundabout way.  I'm keeping a very OPEN mind that I can find a committee with SME. 

The rotary blade and scissors have been tucked away.  Projects will marinate again.  The knitting needles are going to school with me!

Aside from our parents 60th wedding anniversary and My Small World, along with the Facebook post on Re'verie in Goshen, IN, which emptied my wallet, here's a look at what I have been up to.

 At Pumpkin Vine Cyclery,
 I rented this sweet ride
Aha moment, my Townie is too big for me.
 A view from the Pumpkin Vine Trail.
Rest point on the trail.
My new BFF outside the Middlebury, IN library.
Another rest stop along the trail.

 My M & S Textiles Aborigine print gored skirt was completed and worn today.
 Have you been collecting any Row by Row items?  Today, I received this one, for my husband, from my SIL and niece.  My Berkley Bear grew up 300 miles north of San Francisco.  He thinks any tree under 300 feet is just a shrub.

Lastly,  LOVE!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


When the DH disappears, things get done!
Jen Kingwell's My Small World pattern from Quiltmania Spring 2015 edition.  I will be caught up for Part 5 of the Quilt-Along with Very Kerry Berry on Monday.

Update:  Monday's Part 5 Link:

 For Kevin:  The finished size is 33" x 52".

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!

 Today we celebrated our parents 60th wedding anniversary.   It also would have been our sister Tamara's 57th birthday.   It has been a bittersweet day for our parents over the  last eight years.

Joe was unable to join us at the Sanctuary,  but we made sure that he got into a lot of mischief, which you can view on Facebook.  Have a phenomenal weekend !

Friday, July 17, 2015


This pile of fabric is beginning to transform into
It was time to reevaluate the A Small World quilt-along project.  Instead of proceeding through the six parts, I concluded that working by units (flying geese on this particular day) would help progress.  More time has been spent organizing and creating a different plan of attack, than actual stitching.  SOON, I'll be stitching and the planning will pay off!  Maybe on Sunday.

Today the DH is underfoot.  He took the day off for my birthday.  I'm hoping to get my bicycle repaired.......

This message was a pleasant surprise in my inbox this morning.  Thank you!

Also, Joe took me out to breakfast at The Underdog Cafe in Yellow Springs.  Then I went to Current Cuisine to checkout what kind of cake they had today.
Jamaican spice cake!!!!!  My favorite.  Joe gave me some grief because I have made it six days without sweets or alcohol.  There will be cake.  Tonight, I'm sure there will be a celebratory drink when the DH takes me back to Yellow Springs for a birthday dinner.

Sometime soon...I hope to get through the vacation photos to add a couple of posts.

Here's a preview of one of the dresses from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibit:  China Through the Looking Glass.
There are more than 75 photos to edit.  I respect the NO FLASH.

Here's to 55 and FABULOUS!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hi, from my sewing cave where it is DRY and comfortable!  A friend recently posted that we've only had two incidents of rain.  One for 45 days and the other 35 days. <G>  Rainy wet weather is my kryptonite.  While I appreciate that we have not had to use the irrigation system yet this summer, I'm ready for drier weather so that I may breathe.

Stitching, knitting, reading, listening to music, and watching Wimbledon (GO ANDY!) have been occupying my time.  Andy, you broke my heart, but marriage obviously agrees with you.  You're playing fantastically.
 Above is the Colette pattern Laurel dress.  NOT embracing this one.  <G> Potato sack
 This is Sewaholic's Davie dress in-progress.  I need to stand-up straight, stand still, <G> and get the DH to help mark the hem...Again, not totally vested in this one either.  The armholes are too big.   I took it in on the sides and should have taken the shoulder seams in too.  When I first tried it on, the whole dress was too big.  Then I remembered I was going commando and put on some padding!  The DH says he has to do an underwear check everyday, in order to make sure I'm not going out the door commando.  <G>  Once at a dinner, (insert and one time at band camp) he told the guy next to him that his wife was going commando.  He was informed that he was a very lucky man!  My aim is to make life interesting and surprise him with something everyday.
The blocks above are QM Bitty Blocks for July.  I don't think I've posted January - June on the blog.  You can find them on Facebook.  More info can be found at
Come Sail Away With Me, Styx...memories of senior prom long ago.
I love working with small pieces.
For example, this is a block from my Nearly Insane quilt.  The pattern is by Liz Lois.  There are over 230 pieces in this six inch block.  (Just noticed that one of the green pieces was stitched in the wrong direction)!  I worked on this particular block while volunteering for the high school marching band.  (Loved that 40 hour/week job).  The band director looked at it and asked, "Are you insane?" He did not know the name of the quilt.

My Small World QUILT-ALONG with Very Kerry Berry - pattern by Jen Kingwell is not progressing with the program.  They are starting part three this week.  This is part one, still in progress.
 Here's a pile of tumbling block units to hand-stitch  The blocks will be put into a community quilt for the Women's Studies third annual quilt show, at Wright State University in January 2016.
 While in New England, for the kids wedding, we chilled out in Henniker, New Hampshire.  I acquired a shawl pattern and yarn and immediately sat down at the Fiber Studio to knit.  Most of the shawl was knitted up on the drive home. The pattern is Artful Yarns Broadway #92127 with The Fiber Studio hand dyed mohair chenille.
 Knitting is helping me to train my brain on focusing.  As you can see by my blog posts, my mind tends to wander off on a lot of different tangents.
 And here are a couple of knitted scarves along with a few crocheted dishcloths that will be donated to the WSU Women's Center.  I hope to finish the scarf in-progress to deliver at tomorrow's meeting.
Finally, I started a count down last week.  Sixty days until I begin the "Master Degree Odyssey." I'm hoping to accomplish something creative for 60 days in a row.  I humbly admit that some days may only be a quick dishcloth.  There's going to be a pile of dishcloths!

Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you.
What's on your cutting table or the cutting room floor?
What have you been doing to chase away the rainy day doldrums?

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Here we're celebrating with our entourage, savoring breakfast at Wimbledon.
Don't forget the Pimm's!

It's not "Throwback Thursday", but a look back at July Fourth, 2009.

Oops! Here's a flashback too.  High school varsity tennis team 1976.  ��

Have a fabulous Fourth of July weekend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I recently purchased a new vehicle.
The weather broke today, so it was time for a ride.
The bike would not fit!  I removed the front tire and had the forethought to make sure that I was adequately able to reinstall the tire.  NO!!!!!!!  The clamp would not flip back towards the tire.

So on to plan B, a hike through Glen Helen Nature Preserve.
The stairway down to heaven on earth
 and Into the Woods.
Relaxing by the water's edge
Hiking the trail without a care in the world
 Finding joy
 Getting lost in the woods and enjoying the sollitude

There's way too much stress in my life.  A hike was the perfect prescription.  
Followed by the perfect pool day this season.  All day outside and no asthma issues!  It's definitely stressed induced asthma.

A few life altering decisions need to be made in the next couple of weeks.  
Graduate School!
On the creative side, here's a sewing machine that I created at a new 3D print shop, Proto Build Bar.
Here's hoping that you're finding some blue skies in your week!

BTW, the carrot cake at Current Cuisine after the hike was a perfect antidote too.