I love to quilt and walk. No, I can't quilt and walk at the same time. Some form of sewing has been a passionate part of my life since I was 9 years old. We won't disclose how long ago that was. My husband and I are avid volksmarchers. Together we have hiked over 20 countries, 47 states and 77 of Ohio's 88 counties. Please join along as I stitch and walk my way through life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anyone Interested?

It's back to school next week.  My travel wings for walking adventures are yearning to fly again!  I'm very restless.
I would love to take this tour in the Fall of 2015.  Anyone else? 
China: Shanghai & Yangtze River (Part 2)
Note: Below is our planning itinerary. We are putting together a final itinerary with set dates and pricing. 
Day 1: Arrive Shanghai (D)
Your Adventure in the ancient land of China begins today in its most modern metropolis. Upon arrival in Shanghai, you will be met by a representative of WAI and transported to our hotel in the city. Later this evening, we’ll rendezvous at a “Get Acquainted” dinner and discuss the Adventure that lies ahead!
Day 2: Activities in Shanghai (B,D)
Shanghai Sightseeing Walk – 10 km, rated 1
Today’s walk introduces us to Shanghai, both old and new. We’ll walk through the Yu Gardens and along the Bund promenade, surveying this westernized section along the Yangtze that was China’s “Wall Street” in the days before Communism. We’ll wonder at Pudong, the most extensive construction site in the world, on the opposite site of the River. Finally, we’ll stroll through the People’s Square, enjoying its kite flyers and pleasant urban lake. Tonight an early dinner at a local restaurant will be followed by a performance of the famous Chinese acrobats.
Day 3: Activities in Shanghai (B,L,D)
We’ll explore more of fascinating Shanghai this morning with visits to the Children’s Palace and Jade Buddha Temple. After a Mongolian BBQ lunch, we’ll explore the impressive new Shanghai Museum. Though we have no official walk today, pursuing the frenetic heartbeat of this booming port city, one of several Chinese Special Economic Zones, requires a good deal of walking!
Day 4: Shanghai – Guilin by plane (B,L,D)
After a morning free to explore more of the area near our hotel, we’ll drive to the Shanghai Airport and fly to Guilin, in the southern province of Guangxi. Upon arrival in Guilin, we’ll explore this scenic city on the Li River with a tour by motorcoach.
Day 5: Guilin – Yangshuo (B,L,D)
Yangshuo Rice Paddies & Water Buffaloes Walk – 10 km, rated 2
Our day begins with dreamy reflections of the majestic limestone peaks (karsts) rising from the surrounding plains as we enjoy a relaxing cruise down the tranquil Li River. You won’t soon forget the images of this afternoon’s walk through rural Yangshuo – barefoot farmers walking down dirt roads, water buffalos trailing slowly behind; women working in rice paddies and vegetable patches; orange groves; stands of bamboo; and quiet fish ponds reflecting the rural scenes.
Day 6: Yangshuo – Wuhan by plane (B,L,D)
Another exciting day in China begins with a drive back to Guilin and a flight to Wuhan. Wuhan is an ancient and strategically located city on the Yangtze River. The city played a key role in several turning points in China’s seemingly endless history, including the Wuchang Uprising led by Sun Yat-sen in 1911 that led to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the establishment of the Republic of China. Upon arrival, we’ll embark on a tour of Wuhan that includes a visit to Chairman Mao’s Residence and the Ancient History Museum.
Day 7: Wuhan – Yichang – MS Victoria Empress (B,L,D)
Shashi Market Walk – 5 km, rated 1+ (unsanctioned)
We drive west through the fascinating panoramas of rural China this morning, against a backdrop of rice paddies, farming villages, and a way of life that has endured for centuries. Upon arrival in Shashi, we’ll have lunch then visit the museum that is home to Mr. Sui, a 1000-year-old mummy discovered with most of his flesh still intact. Our walk explores the bustling streets and intriguing local market of Shashi, sights seldom experienced by foreigners. Today’s final stop is Yichang, where we’ll dine at a local restaurant before boarding the MS Victoria Empress, our floating hotel for a memorable 4-day cruise up the majestic Yangtze!
Day 8: Yangtze River Cruise: MS Victoria Empress (B,L,D)
Today’s first stop, the controversial Three Gorges Dam, has displaced approximately 1.5 million people. Benefits, however, include an end to millennia of devastating floods, as well as much-needed drought control and hydroelectric power. Upon returning to the ship, we’ll pass the gigantic locks of Three Gorges Dam and sail through the Xiling Gorge.
Day 9: Yangtze River Cruise: MS Victoria Empress (B,L,D)
We’ll transfer to small, motorized sampans today and motor up the pristine Daning River to explore the Three Smaller Gorges. Back on the Yangtze, we’ll continue upstream between the sheer walls of Wu Xia (Witches Gorge) and Qutang Gorge.
Day 10: Yangtze River Cruise: MS Victoria Empress (B,L,D)
Depending on sailing conditions, we’ll stop to tour one of three typical Yangtze riverside towns: Shibaozhai, Fengdu, or Wanxian. Our walking tour will provide yet another glimpse into this fascinating land along the Yangtze. This evening’s highlight is the Captain’s Farewell Dinner and a bit of local entertainment provided by the guests!
Day 11: End Cruise – Chongqing – Xi’an by plane (B,L,D)
We leave the M/S Victoria Empress this morning and begin our journey through Chongqing. We’ll stop at the Panda Zoo to see China’s most cuddly residents, and visit a working silk factory before an afternoon flight to Xi’an, center of most of China’s early dynasties and one of the world’s largest and most influential cities during the medieval era.
Day 12: Activities in Xi’an (B,L,D)
In 221 B.C., Qin Shihuang became the first emperor to unite China. Over 2000 years later, in 1974, farmers discovered an underground vault with thousands of life-size, terracotta warriors — Qin Shihuang’s after-life army. After viewing these treasures, we’ll return to the city for this evening’s Tang Dynasty Dumpling Dinner and Show, a stunning presentation of the music and dance of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), China’s Golden Age.
Day 13: Xi’an – Beijing by plane (B,D)
Xi’an Imperial Wall Walk – 10 km, rated 1+
Our morning activity provides a bird’s-eye view of historic Xi’an with a walk that features several kilometers of Xi’an’s famed city walls—a barrier nearly 40 feet tall and 45 feet across – and the delights of the colorful Muslim Quarter. An afternoon flight takes us to the center of the Middle Kingdom – Beijing – for the final segment of our epic Adventure in China.
Day 14: Activities in Beijing (B,L,D)
Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden City Walk – 10 km, rated 1
Today’s main event is an unforgettable walk in the middle of the Middle Kingdom. We’ll stroll across enormous Tiananmen Square, past the Mao Zedong Mausoleum and Great Hall of the People, and beneath Mao’s ever-present portrait into the never-ending mysteries of the Forbidden City. Following lunch with a local family in a hutong quadrangle, our walk continues through the mesmerizing old hutong neighborhoods next to the Forbidden City.
Day 15: Beijing – Great Wall Gubeikou (B,D)
Gubeikou/Jinshanling Great Wall Walk – 10 km, rated 3/4
We venture north by coach toward the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall. Arriving late morning, we’ll walk through rural villages and farmland, then climb to a section of unrestored Wall. In cooperative weather, the views are breathtaking. Part two of the walk traverses a restored section of the Wall at Jinshanling and provides fresh appreciation for the sacrifices and accomplishments involved in this multi-millennial construction project. It’s difficult to overstate the grandeur of this magnificent structure. We’ll overnight in a humble but charming rural inn.
Day 16: Great Wall Gubeikou – Beijing (B,L,D)
Summer Palace Walk – 10 km, rated 1+
Following a captivating drive through the countryside back towards Beijing, we’ll have lunch at the colorfully-named Listening to Oriole Royal Restaurant inside the Summer Palace, then enjoy a relaxing walk through the Summer Palace gardens. This complex was built along man-made Kumming Lake as an exclusive summer getaway for the Empress Dowager Cixi, the so-called Dragon Lady, and the reclusive Imperial family. This evening’s highlight is a Peking Duck dinner followed by a special surprise to-be-announced!
Day 17: Depart Beijing (B)
We finish our Adventure in China reluctantly today with a flight from Beijing back to the Western Hemisphere. We leave with fond memories, new walking friendships, and an abiding respect for the history, culture, and scenery of this special part of our world.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Summer semester has been the most amazing personal and educational journey in developing group dynamics and  civic responsibility, along with embracing teamwork, collaboration, and diversity.
In the non-profit community based leadership class I worked with the Wright State University Office of Student Activities and the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  Some of the highlights are shared in the pictures below.
Bucket List checkoff - flash mob - "HAPPY"
"Take Flight" Leadership Camp

Two more courses down - Two more to go!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Friend

With a heavy heart, we said goodbye Monday to a faithful family member that had delivered us to wherever we wished for the past 15 years.  Although I only got to drive the truck for her first 3 years, I loved touring in her with my high heels on.  #1 son took ownership the minute he got his driver's license.  It was a battle between dad and son every time dad came back to stateside, which was not much till 2011.
The good news, is that #1 son is now off of our insurance and on his own with a new vehicle and feeling like an adult.
In other random news, the DH has completed the I-Spy quilt top.
Tomorrow, I may go out to school and commandeer a classroom to sandwich and pin baste.

I submitted my final paper for the semester last Wednesday, right before my brother and his son arrived for a visit.  The week flew by and now they are back to Google land.  We had day after day of family dinners, parties and picnics.
The DH went back to work today and I'm BORED out of my skull.  No papers to write or books to read and I'm down to 2 hours of volunteer work a week..................It seems that everyone is at work or out of town.
I have a stack of 8 books to read for pleasure over the next 4 weeks..........
The first one is done.  David and Goliath:  Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell really makes one think about life and privilege.  Use any privilege you have to help lift others up.  Embrace diversity and don't let fear, anger, or revenge consume you.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'm wishing for a decorating posse/fairy to come over to our house.  We're coming up on 3 years since the hubby's midlife crisis - building this house.  I'm still not happy here and have not put any permanent nails in the walls.  Does anyone like to pound nails to relieve stress?  Does anyone want to drop in and stitch and decorate?  ANYONE??  OR next year when #1 son moves out of our other house you can help me turn it into a place to retreat and quilt!!!!

Just a quilt hung over the nails.
Quilts hung over the railing and pictures propped up on the buffet.
No nails.
My Paris Eiffel propped up on the fireplace mantle
and one huge monstrosity of a bare wall.
No nails.
Another huge monstrosity of a bare wall.
No nails.
My favorite quilt is hanging in my quilt space!
Remember this pic from March?  The hubby quilt-along I-Spy is almost done!  I lit a fire under him since I thought our last meeting at the Women's Center was tomorrow.  NOPE!  We're on hiatus until September.  I am so ready for him to finish so that I can spread my fiber endeavors all over and reclaim my quilt space.

Still no sewing on my part.  A lot of good reads by the pool, schoolwork, and an amazing zip-line adventure with 60 university students!  Someday, maybe a picture might show up on Facebook. Summer semester ends in 20 days for me!  Graduation in 158 days! 

How many days till Shipshewana Rosemary?

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Happy Anniversary to the love of my life for 29 adventurous years!
I don't remember if I ever told you that Daddy tried to get his little girl to run out the back of St Francis before we walked down the aisle.  After over 30 years at WPAFB, he did not like the idea of me running off with a military man.
I'm so thankful that you chose me as the two of us united as one.  I know that I have consistently tried your patience, turned your hair grey and probably caused you to loose a few hairs too.  Marriage is hard work and I thank you for continually working with me.
We have had our battles,
but there have been more than enough good times to make up for them.
Together we have created two strong, handsome, & independent young men.
I dearly love my "October Skies" men!
I'm so proud of you!

Thank you for literally taking me around the world!  It's been the journey of a lifetime!


Friday, May 16, 2014

THERAPY! Update!!

I'm calling it breaking the rules - no perfect points required.  It's an effort to let go of my OCD perfectionism.  The Kaffe collection is finally being cut up into little pieces and put back together in total randomness.  The brain is still trying to over analyze.
#2 son has been bugging me for awhile now to go wild.  He likes the blocks!

and I have actually gone viral on Facebook!  #2 son is really impressed!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


The kids took me to Pies & Pints to celebrate Mother's Day Saturday.  I prefer to avoid crowds on MD.  I don't care for beer at all, but Pies & Pints does have an eclectic mix that allows me to throw one back.  Try 5 lizard brewed by 5 rabbit.  I call it chick beer.
I did walk over to the pond and sit on a park bench to hand stitch a few "Lucy" hexagons last Wednesday.  The frogs were croaking along with the fountain = relaxation!  Come join me.
Happy Mother's day to all of you.