I love to quilt and walk. No, I can't quilt and walk at the same time. Some form of sewing has been a passionate part of my life since I was 9 years old. We won't disclose how long ago that was. My husband and I are avid volksmarchers. Together we have hiked over 20 countries, 47 states and 77 of Ohio's 88 counties. Please join along as I stitch and walk my way through life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'm wishing for a decorating posse/fairy to come over to our house.  We're coming up on 3 years since the hubby's midlife crisis - building this house.  I'm still not happy here and have not put any permanent nails in the walls.  Does anyone like to pound nails to relieve stress?  Does anyone want to drop in and stitch and decorate?  ANYONE??  OR next year when #1 son moves out of our other house you can help me turn it into a place to retreat and quilt!!!!

Just a quilt hung over the nails.
Quilts hung over the railing and pictures propped up on the buffet.
No nails.
My Paris Eiffel propped up on the fireplace mantle
and one huge monstrosity of a bare wall.
No nails.
Another huge monstrosity of a bare wall.
No nails.
My favorite quilt is hanging in my quilt space!
Remember this pic from March?  The hubby quilt-along I-Spy is almost done!  I lit a fire under him since I thought our last meeting at the Women's Center was tomorrow.  NOPE!  We're on hiatus until September.  I am so ready for him to finish so that I can spread my fiber endeavors all over and reclaim my quilt space.

Still no sewing on my part.  A lot of good reads by the pool, schoolwork, and an amazing zip-line adventure with 60 university students!  Someday, maybe a picture might show up on Facebook. Summer semester ends in 20 days for me!  Graduation in 158 days! 

How many days till Shipshewana Rosemary?

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Happy Anniversary to the love of my life for 29 adventurous years!
I don't remember if I ever told you that Daddy tried to get his little girl to run out the back of St Francis before we walked down the aisle.  After over 30 years at WPAFB, he did not like the idea of me running off with a military man.
I'm so thankful that you chose me as the two of us united as one.  I know that I have consistently tried your patience, turned your hair grey and probably caused you to loose a few hairs too.  Marriage is hard work and I thank you for continually working with me.
We have had our battles,
but there have been more than enough good times to make up for them.
Together we have created two strong, handsome, & independent young men.
I dearly love my "October Skies" men!
I'm so proud of you!

Thank you for literally taking me around the world!  It's been the journey of a lifetime!


Friday, May 16, 2014

THERAPY! Update!!

I'm calling it breaking the rules - no perfect points required.  It's an effort to let go of my OCD perfectionism.  The Kaffe collection is finally being cut up into little pieces and put back together in total randomness.  The brain is still trying to over analyze.
#2 son has been bugging me for awhile now to go wild.  He likes the blocks!

and I have actually gone viral on Facebook!  #2 son is really impressed!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


The kids took me to Pies & Pints to celebrate Mother's Day Saturday.  I prefer to avoid crowds on MD.  I don't care for beer at all, but Pies & Pints does have an eclectic mix that allows me to throw one back.  Try 5 lizard brewed by 5 rabbit.  I call it chick beer.
I did walk over to the pond and sit on a park bench to hand stitch a few "Lucy" hexagons last Wednesday.  The frogs were croaking along with the fountain = relaxation!  Come join me.
Happy Mother's day to all of you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I'm thinking of summer garden parties hand stitching "Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses" by Linda Franz with my DJ friends.  Anyone want to join me?  I'll provide the lemonade cut with Pims. 
Today you can find me out by the pond stitching, while listening to the bull frogs.

Last Saturday we did take time to decompress from stress and did two 10K hikes.  One each in Auglaize and Putnam counties.  It ended up being a tour of Catholic churches.
Saint Joseph's in Wapakoneta
Immaculate Conception in Ottoville
I love old churches.  During Weihnachtsmarkt season in Europe, it was a thrill to walk into the old churches.  There was always a church choir practicing for Christmas mass with voices of angels.
Spotted this dream house.  See the garage in the back?  Upstairs would make a perfect quilt studio.

So spring semester is in the history books now.  I did prove that anyone that applies themselves can achieve all A's.  I'm going to miss full-time.
It just bothers me that I can't expunge that quarter in 1981 where I completely went off the grid and checked out of life.  One cannot recover a respectable GPA after a 1.25 quarter.  I've discovered that I may not even be able to get into grad school even though I expect my last 51.333 semester hours to equal 3.935.  One true confession down, many to go.

I just got an email from our youngest.  It read, "Best semester ever!"  4 A's & 1 B = 3.8 and got him a respectable cumulative GPA.  So I have achieved what I set out to accomplish.  It was all in the big scheme of if he saw me studying hard, maybe he would start applying himself.  He does like competition.   I think his 4 A's & 1 B trumps my 4 A's.  I will concede happily and admit that he was the one that had to motivate himself to achieve.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Is anybody out there reading this?  My report numbers indicate that you are, but I would love for you to comment on a BIG QUESTION.  ;-D

Since you are quilters from all areas of the world interested in textiles and quilts, do you know of any post graduate programs on the subject?

This is my "Stairway to Heaven"
The International Quilt Study Museum.
Wouldn't we all like for this to be our home!

The gears are turning in my brain.  The DH would say, "Oh no, what kind of trouble are you going to get into now?!"  :-D  My reply is always, "Well behaved women seldom make history."  ;-D

Today, I registered for my final semester of classes, Fall 2014.  It seems kind of strange since the classes don't begin until the end of August.  I'm dotting my "i's" and crossing my "t's", making sure all of my ducks are in a row for graduation.  GRADUATION!  I'm getting a little misty and teary eyed already thinking about it.  And yet, as I can see the light at the end of a 36 year tunnel, it's still almost 9 months away.  Have I mention our youngest and I will be graduating together?

Back to the subject.  The gears are turning in my brain thinking about post-graduate work.  Our sons were born in the environment of OMAHA, NEBRASKA, just down the road from The University of Nebraska.  They have my dream post graduate study in TEXTILE HISTORY / QUILT STUDIES!  BUT, we don't live in NEBRASKA anymore. :-(
 I could justify all those other quilt history books I have on my Amazon wish list!  They would be such a dream to study compared to Emotional Intelligence and Developing Others.

Have a great weekend.  I'll be stressing out over writing a stress management research paper.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Spring break began with more winter weather.

I can't remember if it was TWC or local news where I saw a funny.  A church in CT put up a notice that read,  "Whoever prayed for snow, you can stop now!"

So what do you ask did I actually do?  Every year during Lent our online quilt group has a "Linten Challenge."  It's lint instead of lent because we're dealing with fabric.  For the past few years our fearless leader, Tilde in Copenhagen has ran with the greatest challenge.  "Make Out With BOB!"  Without getting too inappropriate here, let's just say that I really get into this yearly challenge with daily home runs! BTW, BOB is an acronym we use to annotate a box of blocks or bag of blocks.

This is Bob.
Bob took leave this week.
Bob worked on his "All About Me/I-Spy" quilt.

I worked on Bob!  I cleaned house.  I rearranged furniture - with the help of Bob.  Had way too much caffeine and sugar.  Therefore, I worked out.  I spaaaaaaaahed.  I worked on Bob!  ;-D

On an entirely different note..............My blogger friend Kevin is doing a block drive for Quilts of Valor.  Please jump over to Kevin's blog and support him in this very worthwhile cause!

THINK SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!