I love to quilt and walk. No, I can't quilt and walk at the same time. Some form of sewing has been a passionate part of my life since I was 9 years old. We won't disclose how long ago that was. My husband and I are avid volksmarchers. Together we have hiked over 20 countries, 47 states and 78 of Ohio's 88 counties. Please join along as I stitch and walk my way through life.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Phenominal Fall Week!

Ahh FALL!  Ready for some more stress relief, at least until the leaves fall and the asthma kicks in.  I ran away from the drudgery of research and paper writing again this week.  Where did my BFF take me this time, you ask? for lovers........

Our home away from home:  The Stonewall Jackson Inn
where we were truly pampered.
We hiked, biked and ate our way around Western Virginia.

I have until Tuesday to recover from the pain of a vertical 1.5 mile rock climb to reach the summit of "Sharp Top."
I'm a bit worse for wear, but with some motivation from friends, I completed the climb and descent.  The descent at my age is sometimes worse than the climb.

A group of colonels and their spouses that we hung with in Stuttgart always dreamed of being through walkers on the Appalachian Trail after retirement.  The men were going to hike and the women were to haul the men off the trail every night to a B&B for relaxation & comfort.  Of course I had volunteered the hubby to switch roles with me.  After our time this week hiking on and around the "AT", I think my outlook changed a bit.  We had all read a realistic account of the "AT" journey, Walkin' on the Happy Side of Misery, A slice of Life on the Appalachian Trail, by J. R. "Model-T" Tate.  Therefore, we all had to go into Buchanon, Virginia, which is noted in the book as a resupply station and hangout.  After the climb, I indulged in a high calorie large shake and burger at the diner pictured below.  So good and so bad for me.
If you have made it this far reading, please leave a comment.  Yes, I'm off topic as usual, but I expect to be stitching up a storm again SOON.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's Pinktober

Don't forget to squish the "girls!"
Mammograms can save lives.
In memory of my sister Tamara 1958 - 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's Jimmy Buffet time as in, "The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful!"  My BFF and I ran away for a long weekend.  Thursday, Friday & Saturday were spent in Northeastern Ohio visiting wineries and walking along the Buckeye Trail and a few other trails.  The DH picked up 6 counties, while I picked up 1 new county.
 Ferrante Winery
Headlands Beach State Park
Chagrin Falls
Brandywine Falls - Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Wow!  We just keep on photo bombing the scenic views.
Tuscarawas County Event
On Sunday, we were back home.  We loaded up our bikes for a ride to Cedarville and back.  DH commented, "The first 9 miles I ran cross country at Arcata High School faster than I just rode my bike."  It has been many years since he was on a bike.  I let him lead and coasted along behind him.  By the time we finished he was sprinting like a champion.  DH gave up soda 9 months ago and has dropped 30# to date.  He is feeling much better and has started moving and shaking it again.  I keep reminding myself to be patient and support his pace.
It was a phenomenal weekend until a very loud and large party triggered his PTSD tonight in front of our monthly family pizza gathering.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


You just need to take one for the team.   Friday, we walked the USAF 5K hand-in-hand skipping.

Today we did the half-marathon.  Last year I finished at 2:19:35 and place 62nd in my age group.  This year I stayed with my Wing-man and finished at 3:45:31and placed 262 in my age bracket.  I had planned to go for a PBR of under 2 hours.  In the end my education over the last year has taught me the value of teamwork and collaboration.  The DH achieved a PBR finishing under 4 hours.  He's suffered a lot of trauma and I'm so proud that he endured the half-marathon.  We run for NATCA-9.
Ready for the 5K
Ready for the half-marathon
Half-marathon completed and still smiling

The DH loves to take videos
I love to drink wine and eat chocolate!  They're the 2 major food groups after all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


#2 son and I started our final semester at Wright State University this week.
The alarm went off to American Authors - "Best Day of My Life" on the morning of my first day of classes.  Seriously, it did.  I was psyched!  Immediately I jumped out of bed and began to dance.  As a volunteer with the OSA (Office of Student Activities), the school day started at the "Route-A-Raider" info table.  A freshman of 1/3 my age asked for directions to Fawcett Hall.  I proceeded to escort her to a point that she could see where she needed to go.  The "young lady" turned to me and politely said,  "So are you retired and doing volunteer work here?"  OUCH!  I quickly rolled with it and said, "Yes!  I retired in 2007 and returned to school last year to pursue a second career because I didn't want to end up being remembered as a marginal housewife."

I'm old, but seriously - do I look that old?

This semester I am eagerly anticipating working with my OSA site contacts to help research and facilitate "Emerging Leader" seminars and WOWLA (Wilbur and Orville Wright Leadership Academy).  Also, I am a volunteer in the WSU Women's Center.  During deployments for the DH, working and quilting were my therapy.  There are numerous quilts tucked away in an armoire.  I have donated some small quilts to assist in raising scholarship monies.  Their quilt show will be January 30-31, 2015.

Below are a few of the quilts. 

Lesson learned this week:  No matter how HOT it is, DO NOT run through the university fountains before your classes are done for the day...............Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History....Laurel Thatcher Ulrich thanks for reminding me that I am not marginal.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Summer semester has been the most amazing personal and educational journey in developing group dynamics and  civic responsibility, along with embracing teamwork, collaboration, and diversity.
In the non-profit community based leadership class I worked with the Wright State University Office of Student Activities and the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  Some of the highlights are shared in the pictures below.
Bucket List checkoff - flash mob - "HAPPY"
"Take Flight" Leadership Camp

Two more courses down - Two more to go!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Friend

With a heavy heart, we said goodbye Monday to a faithful family member that had delivered us to wherever we wished for the past 15 years.  Although I only got to drive the truck for her first 3 years, I loved touring in her with my high heels on.  #1 son took ownership the minute he got his driver's license.  It was a battle between dad and son every time dad came back to stateside, which was not much till 2011.
The good news, is that #1 son is now off of our insurance and on his own with a new vehicle and feeling like an adult.
In other random news, the DH has completed the I-Spy quilt top.
Tomorrow, I may go out to school and commandeer a classroom to sandwich and pin baste.

I submitted my final paper for the semester last Wednesday, right before my brother and his son arrived for a visit.  The week flew by and now they are back to Google land.  We had day after day of family dinners, parties and picnics.
The DH went back to work today and I'm BORED out of my skull.  No papers to write or books to read and I'm down to 2 hours of volunteer work a week..................It seems that everyone is at work or out of town.
I have a stack of 8 books to read for pleasure over the next 4 weeks..........
The first one is done.  David and Goliath:  Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell really makes one think about life and privilege.  Use any privilege you have to help lift others up.  Embrace diversity and don't let fear, anger, or revenge consume you.